Take a penny, leave a penny

I found myself thinking about the penny tray today. It’s really an underrated gift that retailers put out for you to make life a little easier. I mean, who wants to carry around all that extra change, making all that noise in your pocket/purse. And then you run the risk of losing it because there’s so much to worry about.

Then there are those times when you need the penny because without it you dont’ have enough. And you know that the jaded cashier isn’t going to let you skate by, so you have to leave the line and put your Vitamin Water back. Then - THEN - you really appreciate that little tray of beautiful copper.

I don’t know why, but it kind of made me think how people view public relations. You don’t realize how much you need it until it’s not there. Expecially when you have a lot of issues making noise in your pocket, like failed product launches, poor channel marketing or (lack of) employee communications. Then there are those times when you need the PR penny to pay your total bill, like crisis situations, mergers and acquisitions, recalls and labor disputes.

Maybe I thought about this because many of us are preparing to face a challenging year. We have to be focused more than ever. We have to understand our value – know exactly where we fit within our clients’ organization. And more importantly, we have to do everything we can to reinforce why our relationship brings value to what they are trying to accomplish as they face their own crisis.

So take heed as you prepare for 2009. You wouldn’t want your client to come up a penny short in the lunch line.

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2 responses to “Take a penny, leave a penny

  1. Nice post. Gives new meaning to “a penny for your thoughts.”

    • You know how much I love social media tools, but sometimes we need to be reminded of the basics and what makes this all go in the first place – communication, in any form; the importance of it and the damage the lack of it can cause.

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