Invention is not dead.

Last week I was wondering if invention, in marketing, is dead. Well, rest easy my friends; my faith has been restored.

I first saw this on Seth Godin’s site; it’s the eye-opening video that shows how the radiation from four cell phones can pop corn.

Speculation raged and over the course of roughly a month it was viewed by 4 million people. The marketing community started to debate what company was behind this obvious(?) viral campaign. Earlier this week we were answered:

Cardo Systems, a manufacturer of bluetooth headsets was behind the whole thing, raising awareness for how their headsets reduce 99% of power output.

This is a stellar campaign. I am green with envy that they came up with this and executed flawlessly. However, I will be interested to see if it impacts sales at all and I hope they close the loop and let us know.

Regardless, it is already successful. After all, did you know who Cardo Systems was before this?


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