Star Wars and Sketch Comedy

I’m worried. I have a lot of work to do this week with some pretty pressing deadlines. However, I can’t have the Burger faithful missing the important,  hard hitting news that I bring. So, just in case I can’t stay on top of the posts, check out these two cool things I came across this past weekend:

50 Best Sketch Comedies of All Time!

As Whitney Matheson said on her blog, prepare to waste some time. She featured this last Friday, a product of the Web site Nerve in partnership with IFC that outlines and shows the top 50 sketch comedies of all time. Now, this is just ridiculously funny with some of my favorites (Andy Kaufman, The State) getting the attention they deserve. Although, I’m not sure ‘more cow bell’ is 50 (seems like it should be higher to me).

Star Wars, reimagined.

I started following Bonnie Burton on Twitter, courtesy of a Wil Wheaton post on his Twitter page. Bonnie is a writer for LucasFilm so I pretty much pay attention to all of her Tweets. One very cool thing that caught my eye talked about SteamPunk Star Wars figures. I had never heard of SteamPunk so I’ll let the official Star Wars blog tell you all about it. Or, you can whet your appetite with this crazy ass interpretation of Chewbacca:

Hopefully I’ll be checking in regularly, but just in case, hopefully this gets you through the week.

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